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The Toxic Mold Website is a comprehensive guide to information regarding mold, toxic mold, safety, and prevention. Our site also provides toxic mold litigation information for those who have been adversely affected by symptoms of Toxic Mold and exposure in their home, workplace, and elsewhere.

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The Toxic Mold Website is a comprehensive guide to many aspects of mold and the potentially fatal dangers that it poses to infants and individuals with weak immune systems. In addition, we provide important legal rights and information for those who have been adversely affected by Toxic Mold in their home, workplace, and elsewhere.

Toxic molds have been causing serious health conditions in humans for hundreds of years. These dangerous types of mold can exist in damp environments in our home or workplace without us ever knowing it. In the last ten years, there have been many reports of toxic molds causing serious and even fatal consequences for infants and sensitized individuals.

November 6, 2003
Toxic mold continues to pose dangerous health risks
The number of toxic mold cases is rising dramatically, mostly due to the growing knowledge of the dangers of toxic mold. Still, toxic mold is still vastly unknown about by the medical community and the general population. According to the Environmental Assessment Association, toxic mold concern is mounting as the medical field is better understanding the effects and ailments that toxic mold can cause.

The dangers of toxic mold are that they can cause serious health ailments but are hard to detect. A microbiologist can only determine differences between just mold and toxic mold. Common symptoms of toxic mold exposure include memory loss, allergies, and breathing difficulties. People with existing respiratory illness, asthma, and infants should be especially careful because of the fever and mold infections that can be suffered within their lungs due to toxic mold exposure. Read Full Article...

More Toxic Mold Litigation Recent News....

More Toxic Mold Litigation..

• The Delaware Supreme Court upheld a $1.04 million award to two women whose landlord failed to address leaks and mold problems in their apartments, resulting in asthma attacks and other health problems. New Haverford Partnership v. Stroot, 2001 Del. Lexis 201 (May 7, 2001).

• In December, a homeowner settled a mold-related bad-faith lawsuit against his insurer, during trial, for $1.5 million. Blum v. Chubb Custom Insurance Co., No. 99-3563 (Nueces Co., Texas, Dist. Ct.).

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